18.44 Newsletter 10th /11thNovember, 2018


Newsletter 10th /11thNovember, 2018
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


The Syro-Malabar Catholic Community (Kerla, India) are extremely thankful to the Parish Community of Holy Parish for facilitating their fund raising on
3rd /4th Nov to alleviate the effects of the flooding in Kerala (August 2018); €2,782.42 was raised. 
Thank you for your generosity



World War I ended at 11 am on the 11/11/1918.
Fr Willie Doyle S.J. from Dalkey was a war army chaplain who was killed during the war while attending wounded soldiers in Belgium. 
A film called Bravery Under Fire on the life of Fr Willie Doyle will be shown on Sun11th Nov on ETWN at 9.30 pm. ETWN: Sky channel 588; Virgin Media 815.  The film is based on a book written by Pat Kenny, one of our parishioners called “To raise the fallen”. 
The film was recently presented to Pope Francis and was shown in the Vatican. 
Well done Pat Kenny.



No more plastic Christmas!
The Halloween just gone showed how much plastics are still making inroads into our lives. 
To reverse this requires action from all of us, now, if the pollution of the water in our rivers and oceans is to be reversed. 
We in this parish are part of the problem and can be part of the solution.  Why not, as we pray and worship, consider what we can do between now and Christmas to cut out or at least reduce as much as possible our use of plastics, especially non-reusable types. 
Do we need so much wrapping? Can we use paper more, can we put our presents into home-made containers, perhaps with a note to say why we are doing so?  If we don’t actively change our habits, how can we expect others to do so. 
As Christians, we should be leading the way. Are we?


Your prayers are requested for the souls of
Philomena Pope,
James Pierce,
Canon Ray Moloney
recently deceased and also for the soul of the following whose anniversary occurs about this time: 
John Schofield,
George Hogan,
Paul, Joe & Marie Blake

November Mass times & Intentions
Sat 10
6.00 pm
Mary Stephenson (1st Anniv)
Frank Gowing (Anniv)
Angela McMahon (1st Anniv)

Sun 11
9.00 am
Special Intention
Special Intention
Brian Laffen (Deceased)
Denis & Kathleen Gowing

10.30 am
Frank Gregan (Anniv)

12 noon 
Mary Gilligan (Anniv)

Mon 12
7.00 pm 

Tue 13
7.00 pm
Mary & Jack Stafford
Sheila Stafford (Anniv)

Wed 14
7.00 pm
Holy Souls
Patricia Giles

Thu 15
7.00 pm
Dick & Vera O’Hanrahan (Anniv)

Fri 16
7.00 pm
Bridget Stafford
Holy Souls


Celebrate the Feast of St Begnet, patron saint of Dalkey with a series of events in the parish this weekend 10th / 11th November 2018.

Please do not place booklets in the Church without permission


300 Club Draw     -     Week 2    -   4/11/18
1.  Tom Mulcahy € 100
2.  Marie McDonnell € 50
3.  Mary Cassoni € 30
4.  Geraldine Quinn €20


 Trócaire Volunteers
“Are you interested in volunteering and becoming part of something really worthwhile?”
 Trócaire is looking for volunteers to bring social justice alive in local communities.
Information leaflets available and Additional information available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 01-8743875

The fifth National Collection for the World Meeting of Families 2018 will take place on the weekend of Sat/Sun 10th /11th Nov 2018 to help defray unpaid debts outstanding from expenses for the WMF. 
The diocese thanks parishioners for their amazing generosity.



Exploring Priesthood Retreat
Friday 23rd Nov 6 pm to Sunday 24th Nov 4 pm, at Mount St Anne’s, Killenard, near Portarlington.
This short “Come and See” retreat exploring priesthood is an opportunity for
men aged between 18 to 40 to meet priests and seminarians, to learn how they heard their call and what is involved in being a priest. 
Cost €30 to cover overnight accommodation and meals.  Contact 01-505-3118
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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