15.42 Newsletter 17th /18th October, 2015


Newsletter 17th /18th October, 2015
29th Sunday in Ordinary time

Pope Francis' Encyclical: 4.
A New Lifestyle Needed.
In the final sections of Laudato Si the Pope urges a number of approaches and lines of action.
We focus on only one to begin with, where he urges us to develop a new lifestyle. Changing laws is not enough (par 211).
New habits are needed (par. 209), opposed to extreme consumerism and unsharing affluence, in harmony with nature, with others and with God.
Reusing and recycling, giving more to others, nurturing ecological values in the family, ecological education, and a profound interior conversion, to live our vocation to be protectors of God's handiwork. 
The new lifestyle must have a community dimension and lead to a community conversion (par. 219).
 Finally the Pope points out that love is also civic and political, to that it reaches out into community, economic and political life (230).

The collection for the ST VINCENT DE PAUL will take place next weekend 24th / 25th October, 2015.  Please give as generously as you can